Bangkok RiverSide scene - Sheraton Bangkok

Other five star hotels in the area and their facilities

updated 25th February 2014

Whilst you have chosen a vacational rental apartment rather than a hotel room does not mean that you cannot also enjoy the pampering and extra services that a hotel has to offer.

Yes there are the bars, spa's and restaurants that you can use, but (if you would like a change from ours) you can also use their pools, gym and sauna's on a daily basis (the "one day pass") at reasonable prices! from around Bt500-Bt1,000 a day.


Hotel and Tel No: Cost
Millenium Hilton 02-442 2000 Bt500 Gym, Sauna, Steam, Pool
Shangri-la 02-236 7777 Bt600 Gym, Sauna, Steam, Pool
Sheraton 02-266 0123 Bt1,000, <10yr Bt300 Gym, Sauna, Pool, Tennis
Chatrium Suites 02-307 8888 Bt600 Pool only


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