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Other accommodation in Thailand

This listing is recomendations from our visits around Thailand.

Koh Samui

This island needs little introduction, in the Gulf of Thailand, probably one of the most famous tropical islands in the world, with its little sister Koh Phan Yang (full moon parties) and Koh Tao (Diving).

We stayed at this is run by Dave who is extremely accommodating.

If in your imagination .....You are sat in a modern beautifully designed villa, on a hill side with an awesome view of the sea, beach, and islands in the distance. The house is framed by coconut palms and large granite boulders.... then, this is it!

Dave has an eye for design and decor, and the villas are spot on - outside living at its best.

We also stayed first in the "Hideaway" villa which was also fabulous, close by the sea with several restaurants a small distance away.

Koh Samet

Is close to Bangkok about 3 hrs drive (Peter can take you there) so is quite popular with us. It is a small island, the further your go down the island the quieter it gets. The island is made up of a series of delighful beaches and bays. Really like it, it is a beautiful tropical island (they have to pump fresh water from the boats every day as their supply) for messing about on the beach and sunbathing. For me it is great for 2 or 3 days after that I'm slightly restless.

We have been to Koh Samet quite often, we normally stay in a relatively simple beach lodge Vongduern Villa's but a friend recently stayed at Virmarn cottages and Spa and said it was very good, if more expensive.


This is also about 2.5hrs from Bangkok (again Peter can take you there) and is "Bridge over the river Kwai" territory. Lot's of accommodation here of varying levels, we have stayed by the river in a simple lodge at xxxx. Recently we stayed at River Kwai Jungle rafts. This is a floating hotel on quite a fast flowing river and was brilliant, you can dive in at one end and float down the river. There are elephant rides nearby in the village and you can also go rafting and kayaking. There is no electricty at night, it is a day place so not good for nightlife

If you are there I also recommend taking the train from Khanchanaburi to Nam Tok (end of the line), also Hell Fire Pass. is highly intresting and informative.

Chaing Mai

We stayed about 45 mins east of Chaing Mai at Tharnthong Lodges. This is a fabulous jungle retreat. If you want to relax, read a book, get a feeling of being at home with nature - you have come to the right place.

This is a great place, very Thai, they provide transport from the airport and into Chaing Mai, but if you plan to stay some time, a car is required.

In Chiang-Mai, the Kodchasri is a nice hotel to stay. The Raming tea shop is a fantastic shaded oasis on a hot day - the smoothies are the best ever!

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