Street Food

Thailand is full of street foods, click on the map left (map of nearby street food and cooking schools) to highlight some of the street food stalls/restaurants that we think are particularly nice and are reasonably local.

It sounds strange but in Thailand it is often the case that buying cooked food is cheaper than buying it from the shop, preparing and cooking it. Why? I am not sure, maybe labour costs are small, lack of kitchens at home, kitchens traditionally outside....

Street food is everywhere - so picking out area's is a little tricky, but the following area's are often talked about.

  • Aw Taw Kaw market (often spelled "Or Tor Kor - which is near Chatuchak market - Mo Chit BTS)

  • Kaiton (near Pratunam)

  • Ghostgate (for Phad Thai)

  • ChinaTown

  • Other websites on Bangkok street food:, (this includes a good map),

    When making a choice look for a stall that is busy with Thai's eating there (ignore quiet stalls) and the chances are you'll get good, cheap food. Steer away from food that has been left standing. The downside is if it is busy, then they are busy and accommodating foreigners can hold up their trade.

    Below are pictures of various dishes and a PDF file file you can open and print out, maybe take it with you it might help when ordering, as sometimes it is very difficult for Thai's to understand what you want when you cannot speak the language.

    A common type of restaurant found are Isaan-style Thai cuisines and these things such as delicious sticky rice, papaya salad, sliced grilled and marinated pork neck, pork liver salad, pork soft bone in an Isaan soup, grilled chicken, Isaan sour sausages, fresh raw vegetables and more. The first set of pictures are these, the remainder are other classic dishes found everywhere.

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